To become a H.E.A.T. member, it is preferable that applicants be currently enrolled in a BHE course or have taken at least one BHE course in previous years. BHE students will have priority when filling the club roster and will initially have priority placement on high profile projects. Non-BHE students will apply for membership (to be approved by HEAT leadership team) and will be encouraged to enroll in BHE courses in the following year, if possible. All approved students will then select one of our membership option and then sign a 2015-2016 HEAT contract to become full-fledged members. The HEAT contract is at the bottom of the page.

If you have any financial trouble paying the fee, contact our adviser or one of the officers and we will take care of you.

Individual Membership:


This is our basic membership that gives members access to majority of the HEAT's programs and competitions.

  • Access to Engineering building after-school hours
  • Access to power tools and equipment in the shop
  • Unlimited access to 3D-Printer for approved projects
  • A Pass to attend in-state VEX Robotics competitions
  • Ability to start your projects
  • Ability to participate in all of our competitions and program excluding VRC.



This is a discounted individual membership fee for those who already have a brother/sister in HEAT. To qualify for this discount you must have proof of relations to the HEAT member and the contracted HEAT sibling must have paid the individual fee first in order for any brother/sisters to apply for this membership.

  • Discounted individual membership fee!
  • Offers everything that the Individual membership



Our upgrade offers everything that the basic membership does but now you can join one of our Vex Robotics teams. The extra $5 will help us financially due to high cost of travel and materials. Students have the opportunity to upgrade at anytime in the year. But it is recommended to upgrade early if you know you want to compete in VRC.

  • Everything that basic membership offers
  • Ability to join and participate in a Vex Robotics Team
  • Vex World Championship Trip (conditional: only if we qualify)

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