Here are some extra projects that HEAT members have worked on during the school year.

Members: If you want to start a new project, consult with our mentor and our CEO to get started.


Aether Project

The AE class with support from HEAT will develop and launch successive experiments on an annual basis(if not more often), furthering our capabilities and understandings of near space exploration and experimentation. The Aether Project usually starts in the second semester in our PLTW Aerospace engineering class. Students get to work on the project during school and after school HEAT meetings.



Drone Studies

You might have seen our drones in our videos. But those are for filming. We currently have 3 drones. DJI phantom and DJI Inspire are used for fimling arieal shots . We have one solely to study and experement with. Which is the 3 winged, 6 motor Y-6 Tricopter. The Y-6 gives students a chance to build a drone programming it.



Artillery division

HEAT Artillery division each year produces T-Shirt cannons to promote STEM and HEAT at football games. The Artillery division has its busiest times at the beginning of school. During the first month after school starts, HEAT members start to draft our new T-shirt cannon designs. Then after hours of testing, we take out to our home games and at the AR Salt Bowl. We only build and operate our cannons during the football season (September-October) , otherwise we only take them out for outreach activities.

Our cannons

HEAT Studios

The ultimate goal of HEAT Studios is to produce short films that promote STEM education, inform students (particularly in Central Arkansas) about engineering and technology careers, and show off some of our highest caliber students and their work.