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H.E.A.T.'s New Artillery for the 2013 Football Season

While last year's catapult and trebuchet got lots of attention and were good fun, H.E.A.T. sought out a new challenge this year... to keep things interesting. This year, the crew will be bombarding the stands with t-shirts and goodies fired from the barrels of air-cannons. Two first-generation cannons have been constructed and tested with great results.

The cannons made their first public appearance at today's pep-rally in Love Auditorium (the pressure was wisely dialed down a good bit for this indoor demonstration). Engineering students are working on developments for second generation cannons in hopes to have at least one of the more advanced delivery systems operational for the Salt-Bowl. OooRah.

The H.E.A.T. Artillery fired t-shirts into the crowd this morning at Bryant's early morning Salt Bowl pep rally. KATV7's Daybreak interviewed one of our H.E.A.T. seniors this morning in a discussion about the Mk I cannons and their construction. We're making things happen here in building #22. Mk II cannons are on the way.

See another video of both cannons firing HERE.
See the KATV7 Daybreak interview HERE.