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Air Cannon - Mk II
H.E.A.T. has finally gone public with the latest generation of t-shirt firing air cannons with the release of the its firstMk II model. The second generation cannon has received several upgrades and improvements, thanks to lessons learned with the Mk I models; the most noteworthy being the electronic trigger with a lit arming switch safety system.

Other improvements included a larger reservoir (to better fill the lengthened 3" barrel), an increased pressure rating (120psi), higher quality base paint, and an integrated air pressure gauge to serve as a secondary precaution when filling and primary measure of leak-down over time when charged. The interchangeable barrel system from the Mk I models was kept for this first, behemoth of a Mk II. At 100psi, the cannon can easily fire a t-shirt 40+ yards. Range at the designed max of 120psi has not yet been tested.

The first Mk II cannon - shown here in a fantastic, new "Hoth Camo" paint scheme and measuring almost 5 feet in length
See Video of the Mk II test fire HERE.

he Mk II Compact Has Arrived

The Mk I air cannons were a great success and good fun. The initial Mk II was a remarkable step forward in design and a solid performer; but it was massive at almost 5 feet long. The H.E.A.T.crew responsible for the armaments' design and construction decided that something a little more manageable (particularly for indoor venues) was in order. The result - a 28" Mk II Compact.

The new cannon utilizes a similar arming/firing set-up to its bigger, older brother. The barrel and reservoir were snubbed, and the interchangeable barrel option was omitted to further minimize length. To further progress the cannon project design, the Mk II Compact is the first to sport a revolutionary new handle design to remedy a design flaw present in previous models.

This cannon was commissioned by the Bryant Middle School H.E.A.T. chapter. They requested that a vivid blue be added to the Mk II "Hoth Camo" paint scheme... We think it looks pretty awesome.