HEAT offers its students to produce short films which teaches them about vidography, theater, arts, and a/v tech.


BHE Studios - Construction

Why build a studio in a closet?
The idea of a studio was largely born out of need for a place to do interview with students and guests in a space that looked a little better than our building did at the time. (The Hornet Engineering Center has since received a bit of a face-lift.)

The ultimate goal of BHE Studios is to produce short films that promote STEM education, inform students (particularly in Central Arkansas) about engineering and technology careers, and show off some of our highest caliber students and their work.

When guest speakers (engineers, architects, tech-gurus, business owners) speak at BHE, they'll no longer be limited to speaking to only a class or two before leaving. By producing short video segments, they will effectively get to speak to all of our classes (current and future). We'll be building a library of interviews with STEM careered Arkansans that can be shared with all of our students, other PLTW schools in Arkansas, and beyond.

It's a serious project, but we are set on making it happen.

Here is a list of videos produced in our studio: