Arkansas Electric Vehicle Rally

In 2007 and 2008, Bryant High School competed with great success in Electric Vehicle Rally events here in AR. The vehicle had since been in storage until late February of 2013 when it was "rediscovered" and retrieved from its remote storage location.

The vehicle was a sketchy mess of duct tape, corroding metal, and frayed wires; in poor condition, inoperable, and not so nice to look at. After a few weeks of care and cosmetic surgery in the BHE shop, the racer has been cleaned, repaired, improved, and is now very nice to look at.


Bryant Hornet Engineering made its first appearance at the Arkansas EV Rally (the first time in 6 years for Bryant High School). BHE teamed up with Bryant's E.A.S.T. program to pull this off. The team won 2nd in the range event and 4th in several other events.


Bryant is not expected to compete in the 2013 rally. The bulk of the HEAT students and staff will be in California for the VEX Robotics World Championship and the vehicle would need a costly new set of batteries in order to be competition ready.