This is Hornet Engineering's fourth season of Duct Tape Boat racing, and we like to think we've learned a lot. We've developed our boat design significantly and keep building faster and faster craft. The crew took on more work this year than ever, building our fastest boat yet - Fury - and re-wrapping/modifying our original boat - Mamba. The resurrected Mamba 2.0 sported an all new hand-cranked paddle-wheel system and fresh tape in its fourth appearance at this event. Fury is a stripped down, super-lightweight redesign of last year's champion - Triumph. All three boats raced this year.

Mamba 2.0 won the Most Creative Award, Triumph won the Youth Division for the second year in a row, and Fury captured the Adult Division.


Duct-tape boat racing has become a staple of Hornet Engineering and our H.E.A.T. racing crew looks forward to bringing new design ideas to a pile of PVC and fresh rolls of duct-tape every season. This year's new boat was dubbed, Triumph. The new craft was designed to be a perfectly engineered blend of our first boat, the quick-turning Mamba, and our 14' drag-racing Polaris.Triumph was the ultimate culmination of our duct-tape know-how, and delivered an untouchable performance; sweeping all competitive categories at this year's race and bringing home $500 in prize money. Click here to see a extended version of the race.


For the second year in a row, H.E.A.T. captures the Youth Division title at the annual Ken Palmquist Duct Tape Boat Race. This year, the team arrived with a new craft, Polaris, as well as last year's champion, Mamba. Also new to this year's race, Bryant Middle School's H.E.A.T. chapter made their presence known with their own construction, BUZZ, winning the 2014 "Most Creative" award. All three H.E.A.T. boats competed in the Youth Division, while Mamba and Polaris continued to compete in the Adult Division of Saturday's race, bettering their performance from last year by a noteworthy margin. The teams have already begun making plans for next year's boats, and are eager to take on next year's challenges and challengers.


BHE Racing captured its first victory at Bryant's Fall Fest. H.E.A.T. constructed the H.E.S. Mamba entirely from PVC and duct tape to enter the Palmquist Duck Tape Boat Race. The team won 1st place in the youth division while capturing the people's choice award in both youth and adult divisions. See more about the boat and the race.