Here you will find our flagship robot for each season. You may also find code for robot from the recent years. The code is there to be used as a reference. You may find more code at our git hub page.

Nothing but net ROBOT

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Name: Atlas v 1.2

Drive: 4 motor high speed setting
Flywheel: 6 motors torque setting, ratio- 1:35
Intake: 2 motor

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Name: Brainiac

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For the third year in a row, Bryant Hornet Engineering has represented Arkansas on the international stage at the VEX Robotics World Championship. This year, Hornet Engineering sent an unprecedented three teams to Louisville, KY to fight it out in the largest educational robotics event on the planet... ever. Two Bryant High School teams (5691B and 5691W) competed against the best in the world and made their presence known, 5691B winning Energy Awards in high school. This award is the first international robotics awards to come home to Arkansas (to our knowledge).


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Name: X-1

Autonomous 1 Autonomous 2

Our VEX Robotics World Championship team performed well in Anaheim, finishing with a 6-4 record in qualification rounds (actually a 7-3 record, if not for a score-reporting issue that was never appropriately resolved). The Bryant team was a first round pick in alliance selection by the 5th seed team, and made it to the quarter-finals - a first for us. Our team represented BHE well by finishing qualifying rounds with the 5th highest Offensive Performance Rating and 4th highest Calculated Contribution to Winning Margin Rating in our division of 86 teams. It is worth noting that the team was also a runner-up for the Energy Award. Our team learns more about this competition with each visit and we look forward to taking these lessons into next year's season.


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5691 B

Name: Remus

This is the first robot ever built for vex robotics competition here at HEAT. This is the robot that won Arkansas's first state competition and the first one to go to vex world championship from Arkansas. This is where the journey began. The most obvious modification is that scary-looking blade. The blade was deepened to allow easier loading of irregularly arranged sacks. Vertical plates were added; guiding sacks to the center of the blade when lifting to reduce the number of bags tossed outside of the dump bed. Notches were laser-cut an inch off the leading edge to prevent bags from sliding off the front of the blade when backing away from a barrier.